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Efficacy and Benefits of Drinking Water For Healthy Body Function  

The water we drink every day is actually a water minenal with the original blue color but because the measure is small then look clear so that people more aware of the water as water or mineral water . You know the efficacy and benefits of drinking water for the health of your body ?

The human body was made ​​up of 80 % water where the highest levels found in brain and human blood . From the research component of the water contained in the brain is composed of almost 90 % water and the blood of about 95 % is water constituent components .

Humans normally requires 1.5 - 2 liters of water per day or usually 8 glasses per day for a standard requirement in general . The water needs to replace body fluids that come out either from sweat while on the move or while urinating wasteful / art and also during bowel movements .

Water becomes a major component of the most important of the human body so that your metabolism running as normal and good that its survival is maintained . Also determine the age of a human being in body water content , from information obtained that the fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman water component reaches 100 % , the new born baby is composed of 75 % water , adult component consists of 60 % water and the parents who go age consists of 50 % water . To achieve healthy living normal circumstances one must adjust as needed based on age also his activity .


Stroke Symptoms, Causes and Prevention Method  

Know stroke, ranging from the symptoms, causes and means of prevention. What is a stroke? Stroke is a brain attack is a sudden onset due to blocked or rupture of blood vessels of the brain. In other words, the stroke is a vascular disease of the brain (cerebrovascular) is characterized by the death of brain tissue (cerebral infarction) this is caused because of the blockage, constriction or rupture of blood vessels that supply blood to the brain and oxygen to the brain and cause a series of reactions biochemistry that will damage or kill nerve cells of the brain.

The number of stroke patients in Indonesia has increased each year . At the end of 2012, an agency noted there had been about 500,000 cases of stroke survivors with numbers 12,500 people die from the disease . While the rest have disabilities , whether mild or severe . Therefore early treatment and prevention become important in the fight against stroke war .

Causes of Stroke

There are two factors which are the cause of stroke is a medical risk and risk behavior

1 . Medical risk factors
Medical risk factors that cause or exacerbate stroke include hypertension ( high blood pressure ) , cholesterol , arteriosclerosis ( hardening of the arteries) , heart problems , diabetes , family history of stroke ( keturnan factor ) and migraine ( pain kepelah door) . According to statistics 80% of the trigger stroke is hypertension and arteriosclerosis .

2 . Behavioral risk factors
Disebakan behavioral risk factors by lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits such as smoking , consuming alcoholic soft drinks and likes to eat fast food ( fast food and junk food ) . Other behavioral risk factors is the lack of motion activity / exercise and obesity . One of the triggers is also uncomfortable susasana heart as often angry for no apparent reason .


Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors  

Cervical cancer symptoms, causes, risk factors and means of prevention. What is cervical cancer Cervical Cancer alias? Cervical cancer is one of the many cancers that occur in the female reproductive organs. Human papillomavirus (HPV) plays a role of causing most cases of cervical cancer. Women with cervical cancer will have some disorders, including pain and bleeding during intercourse.

When exposed to HPV , the body's immune system typically prevents the virus develops in the body . In the case of cervical cancer , HPV virus survive in the body for years and change some cells on the surface of the cervix into cancer cells . Cervical cancer usually occurs in women over the age of 30 years .

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer
You probably did not experience symptoms of cervical cancer - in the early stages of cervical cancer usually do not show signs and symptoms . This is why it becomes important examination .

Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer in advanced stages , among others :

    Vaginal bleeding during intercourse , while not in the coming month period or after menopause .
    Wet or vaginal bleeding that is thick and smells .
    Pain in the hip or pain during intercourse .

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